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I was not very sure of where to go for a honeymoon after my wedding next month and we were in constant debate for island destinations like Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles. After a long futile discussion, my fiancée and I finally agreed for Seychelles and without any delay booked cheap flights from France to Seychelles. Although I was not very sure of the fecundity of the decision, I was looking for something that would make our memories last for life. Finally we were married and the day arrived where we had to fly to this lover’s paradise as it was so called by our group of friends.flights to SEYCHELLES from paris

As we booked our flights to Seychelles with Crystal Travel we had huge discounts for the reputable airlines and so the trip started with a big smile on our lips. Although I was not very excited about going to Seychelles but coming back from this personified paradise, I immediately made a commitment on all honeymoon couples in the future. A wonderful archipelago like the Seychelles is the amazing display of the beauty of nature. The whole trip was like a trip to the fantastic world that kept us amazed. One thing is certain, no matter how old we get this trip to Seychelles will stay in our minds and hearts.

When I imagine paradise on earth, in a few seconds, my mind is awash with memories of Seychelles. I mean look at this picture from our collection. These sparkling beaches, this preserved atmosphere and abundant forest do not confine the semi-undulating terrain to the intense island interiors. With its convenient location off the eastern coast of Africa, it is the main destination for couples and those who love the beaches and the quieter side of nature.


A wide range of activities that were not enough for our quest for adventure and that was important to us was first and foremost a walk in the wooded depths, admiring the impressive variety of birds and animals based on quiet beaches. Another amazing activity to get involved in, Seychelles is snorkeling and scuba diving and swimming that limpid and temperate waters can do. After an exciting trekking trip to Aldabra Atoll, we had the chance to experience the tidal lagoon with huge sharks, mantras and seabirds on our way to the Aldabra Atoll. We were tired by then, but there was still a lot left at Old Plantation House, Boatyard,Colonial Cemetery and World Heritage Center, which made us move. In addition, Seychelles offer a refuge to many incredible animals and species plants. Where you can easily spot a turtle, a frog, the largest plants and some of the rarest birds.


Alors que nous avions réservé des compagnies aériennes à bas prix aux Seychelles la pensée qui nous a hanté était que nous aimerions la cuisine qui est une fusion d’art culinaire indien, asiatique et européen mais à notre grande surprise nous avons adoré la nourriture là-bas. Comme nous nous sommes assis sur la table du restaurant, l’arôme délicieux de la lèvre claquant des plats envahi nos sens. Nous avons été servis un assortiment exclusif de fruits de mer comme le thon, le vivaneau rouge, le homard, le calamar, le barracuda, le riz et les légumes. Les pommes de terre, les chutneys et les fruits à pain faits de fruits à usage domestique sont plus que suffisants pour stimuler les papilles gustatives. Les légumes, le riz et les sauces épicées constituent les accompagnements. Bien qu’étant le dernier plat du repas, le dessert ne perd jamais de son importance et il en va de même pour la terre des Seychelles. Des bananes cuites, des ananas caramélisés, du chocolat à la noix de coco et bien plus encore pour vous rendre doux.Cheap flights to SEYCHELLES

The days spent in Seychelles are still fresh as dew in our good memories. This is my advice to anyone planning their wedding in the time to come or wishing to relight the spark lost in their love life, this place will surely make you go gaga. Book discounted tickets to Seychelles without thinking. Visit to enjoy the enchanting charm of this heaven on earth. I bet you will not regret your decision.


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