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If delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife, splendid beaches and lively fiestas attract you then you should explore the tourist spots at least once in your lifetime. There are lots of spices you can explore in the events or the festivals, while traveling these places in Spain. Now, you need to list down the places that you are going to visit in Spain. Once you are done with the list, you need to check out the websites where you can get the idea about the places which you wish to travel around. You can go through the details of the places which are thoroughly discussed herein below. This will further help you to get the flight tickets to Spain as early as you chalk out the plan for the trip :

  1. Santiago De Compostela: It is considered as one of the best places in northwestern region of Spain. This particular place is a famous traditional pilgrimage and it is also recognized as Camino De Santiago. Also this particular place is quite popular among Christians as it is believed that in this place St. James, known as the follower of Jesus Christ, was buried. Today, this particular place attracts numerous visitors every year for its enriched history and traditional value. The main arriving attraction of this place is the Praza Obradoiro, the main square. This is situated at the heart of the main city and it is the scene of different landmarks, specifically the Cathedral where the tomb of St. James is located.

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2. Cordoba: This place is situated at the Cordoba province, and further this province is located at the Andalusian region of the distant southern Spain. This place is famous for the tiny medieval streets, whitewashed courtyards, plazas and the Mezquita. Initially this was built as the mosque but late it has become a unique glorious cathedral and the interesting part is, most of its portions are the real architecture.  The top of this architecture is designed with red and white striped arches and the entire architecture resembles like Mosque. Apart from this architecture, other different interests include the street of the flowers, the old Jewish Quarter along with the delightful souvenir shops and patios, the Fortress of the Christian Monarchs.

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3. San Sebastian: At the Northern part of Spain, at the coast of Bay of Biscay, there is a country called Basque. In Gipuzkoa province of Basque, the place san Sebastian attracts the tourist eyes towards it for the attention-grabbing beaches and the exceptional culinary tradition. The age old town features different historical buildings. Research says that these buildings were reconstructed in the late 19th Century after the destruction during Napoleonic war. The San Sebastian has several intriguing attractions that grab the attention of the tourists from around the world. Among all the beaches, the special one is Playa de la Concha that offers diverse water activities such as kayaking, water skiing and swimming. Apart from this, there is an option for having sunbath for the tourists who want to get the pleasure of basking for a long period of time. Crystal Travel is considered as one of the best travel companies which offer its audience the best deals on cheap flights from France to Spain to save some extra bucks on each trip.

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These are the places you can explore when you are planning for a trip and take the flights to Spain once you are done with the planning for the trip.


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